Love Letters Part 1

Along with hearts and flowers, love letters are a symbol of Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I have boxes and even a bound book of them, from the times when our relationship was long distance.  Not all the letters are passionate declarations of our affection.  Some are silly, or serious, or even boring, but to me they are all love letters because they were meant to keep our love growing when we had no other way to be in touch with each other.   

When I started thinking of love letters, I recalled a book that my high school friends and I pored over in our local Borders:  Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion by Michelle Lovric.  I think one of us finally bought a copy which we circulated among ourselves for a while too.  Lovric celebrates love letters in all their nostalgic glory, reproducing handwritten original letters right down to the wax seals.    

I googled “love letters” and from there read some lovely things.  Of particular interest:  at, community members  created a collection of contemporary love letters by submitting their own favorites.  Probably I’ll be over there reading for the better part of my day.

More reading love tomorrow…


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