Young Cat Lover’s Booklist (Part 1)

When I started jotting down titles I wanted to include, my list was much longer than I anticipated, so I decided to spread it out over three posts.  Here are the first five titles, with comments from the Little Lit Lover, age 4.

Booklist: Cats
Ages 4-8, unless otherwise noted

Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library!
Written by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter
Illustrated by Steve James

A picture book based on the adult book Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by the same authors, this is not so much a story as a lesson on how not to treat a cat.  As a tiny kitten, Dewey is dropped into a book bin at a small town library.  The librarian who finds him takes him in and he becomes the library cat.  For the most part, Dewey enjoys being a library cat.  He loves playing with interesting the things he finds in his new home, like pens, bookcarts, rubberbands, and newspapers.  The things Dewey does not enjoy include being squeezed or pulled or chased by the youngest library patrons.   Nice illustrations that make me (and my daughter) wish that our local library had a cat!
Little Lit Lover says: The best part is when Dewey goes in the small paper bag and looks like a muffin.
4 Flags

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?
Written by Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Mark Teague

The latest in the How Do Dinosaurs…series, this book addresses proper pet care in a charming way.  “How does a dinosaur play with her cat?  Does she throw pillows at it and act like a brat?  Is the litter box left while she watches a show?  If the kitty complains, does she give it a throw?”  These questions are posed in the opening pages and answered as the story progresses.  A worthy addition to an excellent series that teaches good behavior and manners.  Age 3+
Little Lit Lover says:  I love the silly dinosaur!
5 Flags

The Little Kitten
Written by Judy Dunn
Photographed by Phoebe Dunn

Part of the Phoebe Dunn collection, this book’s charm is found in the photography.  Jenny’s cat has a litter, and the most curious kitten quickly becomes Jenny’s favorite.  Because he is always getting into a “pickle,” that becomes his new name.  Pickle explores indoors and out, encountering other animals and discovering good hiding places.  The text is hardly as engaging as the photographs, giving the book a dated feel.  My daughter enjoys looking at the pictures more than listening to the story.
Little Lit Lover says: I like when Pickles gets into the flour can.
3 Flags

Oscar and the Mooncats
Written by Lynda Gene Rymond
Illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Oscar has a great life.  He has his boy who always takes care of him, his favorite smelly cat food and his favorite crunchy cat food, his toy mouse, and his spot by the window.  On one especially happy night, Oscar is feeling frisky and leaps up on the table, up on top of the bookcase, up out the window, and up onto the roof of his house  Oscar just wants to keep jumping, and he does—all the way to the moon!  There, Oscar meets the sleek, silvery mooncats who would love for Oscar to join them.  But what about Oscar’s home and his boy?  Now that he’s jumped up, will he ever be able to jump back down?  A delightful tale of  adventure and returning home.
Little Lit Lover says:  My favorite part is when Oscar jumps up on the bookcase.
5 Flags

Sammy Salami
Written and Illustrated by Jerry Smath

Pete Popolis is a hard-working diner owner who could use a hand running things.  One night, Pete discovers a scrawny stray cat in a trash can outside the diner.  Pete takes the cat in and quickly discovers the cat loves salami, so Pete gives him the name “Sammy Salami.”  Pete loves Sammy Salami, but he needs a vacation.  When Pete takes a train to the mountains for a weekend getaway, Sammy is lonely and afraid Pete will never come back.  What will happen when Sammy goes off in search of Pete?  A charming story about the bond between people and their pets.
Little Lit Lover says:  The pictures are good and I like Sammy’s salami dance.
5 Flags

Parts 2 & 3 coming soon!


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