House of Dance by Beth Kephart

Classification:  YA Literature
Genre:  Realistic Fiction
Subjects:  Ballroom dance, family, self-discovery
Ages 12+

Summary:  Roise Keith’s father sends her $20 a week, as if the money can make up for his abandonment of his wife and daughter.  Meanwhile, Rosie’s mother is having an affair with a married man and wants Rosie to spend summer vacation keeping her ailing grandfather company.  Reluctant at first, Rosie quickly discovers just how poor her grandfather’s health really is, and she resolves to treasure her time with him.  As she cleans Grandfather’s house and listens to his stories, Rosie pieces together a portrait of the man’s life and his deep love for his late wife.  Drawn to Grandfather’s favorite music, Rosie takes up ballroom dancing and plans a special party in honor of him.  As Grandfather’s health worsens each day, Rosie hopes her special surprise will too late.

Notes:  Dancers may be attracted to this title, but non-dancers will also find their feet tingling with the urge to move when Kephart blends music, movement, and memory  in this sweet story about the importance of relationships between generations.
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