Scrambled Eggs at Midnight

By Brad Berkley and Heather Harper
:  YA fiction
Genre: Realistic fiction
Age Level: 13+
Subjects: Family, friendship, first love

Reader’s Annotation:  Cal and Eliot share an instant connection that soon blossoms into love, but their time together is limited by Cal’s impending cross-country move.

Summary:  Cal is increasingly resentful of her mother’s constant moving.  The two traverse the country so Delores can work as a serving wench and jewelry artisan at Renaissance Faires, taking fifteen-year-old Cal along.  Meanwhile, Eliot longs for the normalcy of his family life, something they seem to have lost as his dad has become more and more engrossed in his business venture—helping overweight people lose weight and find God.  Cal and Eliot meet by chance…or is it destiny that brings them together?  What will happen to their newfound love when Delores is ready to move again?  Or when Eliot’s dad discovers his son is associating with people he doesn’t approve of?

Notes:  This book would make a great beach read for it is a lovely, sweet summer romance story with instantly likable characters.
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  1. I read this one a few years ago when it came out and really enjoyed it also. The characters are very quirky as well as appealing.