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Hello there!  I’m back from my hiatus, though–truth be told–I’m not completely settled in my new home.  For one thing, the bookshelves have a new configuration.  I preferred the old way, but that might just be me disliking change.  Also, the books are on the shelves, but I haven’t gotten a chance to properly arrange them according to my loose interpretation of the Dewey Decimal System.  I’m considering alphabetizing this time too.
Despite all the packing and unpacking, I managed to read 14 books and I just finished making updates to Currently Reading.  What I haven’t done much of in the past few weeks is write, so I am hoping to complete a number of reviews very soon.  I’ll also be sharing summer projects I have in the works, all of which relate to the new chapters that I’m beginning in my life.
My summer reading list is short right now, so if you have any suggestions, please share.  I’m particularly interested in good beach reads, since I will actually be able to read at the beach this summer!


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3 responses to “New Chapters

  1. You crack me up – I can’t believe you are going to use the Dewey decimal system! In our place, we go for a more random arrangement. (My husband gets a kick out of seeing “Greek Art and Architecture” wedged in there next to “George Foreman’s Indoor Grilling Made Easy.” Congrats on the move! Hope you get to feeling settled soon. 🙂

  2. Nashawn

    Don’t get lost in your library! 🙂 I think its wonderful that you’re trying to arrange your books. I don’t even have the space for mine. Half of them are in various boxes at my apt and my parents house. I am a hoarder so I have trouble letting go….I might donate some to my local library actually. Either way, happy reading!

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