My First Time…

…and I’m nervous!  Tomorrow my husband and I are “sponsoring” a back-to-school picnic for our daughter’s class.  I’m not sure if “hosting” is quite the right word for our role.  I’m the event organizer/coordinator but it’s a BYO event at the park.   More than 60 adults and kids are attending, which is why I’m a bit anxious—it seems like a huge group!  A far cry from the small birthday or dinner parties I’ve had in my home for family and close friends.

Yes, this is a huge departure from my usual subject matter here, though it does reflect my recent reading habits.  Pretty much all summer, I’ve been wandering the web in search of ideas and inspiration for party ideas and decorations.  There are so many amazing ideas out there and I’m excited to share what I pulled together for this event.

Here are some “before” pictures.  Please bear with me when it comes to the quality of the pictures—a better camera and better photography skills are on my wish list.  This is also my first time blogging something like this…

The picnic area, a playground is adjacent

Some decorations in progress

All the stuff we have to haul to the site, including welcome banners, garland, games, table décor, etc., etc.

I plan to take plenty of pictures tomorrow so you can see how it all turns out.


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