How Bookstore Browsing Led Me to Knitting

Sometimes I like to wander around in a bookstore just for the heck of it.  Because as a  library science grad student I don’t spend enough time with books or something.  About two months ago, I was browsing in a local shop and came across this book:

Author Anna Hrachovec blogs about her impossibly adorable creations at Mochimochiland.

I decided then and there that I wanted to populate my home with many of these precious yarn-y beings. And I could give them as gifts to children.  And adults.   Of course, first I would need to learn how to knit.

The prospect of teaching myself to knit did not seem daunting to me because I had just that week completed 32 of these guys (you can see how the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi would appeal to me):

The turkeys were a modified version of a project from this book:

In my head I was saying something like, YES!  I have successfully made 64 yarn pompoms.  Therefore, I can learn how to knit.

Yeah, I cheated on my Logic final all those years ago.

So despite the fact that my household was in an uproar as my husband prepared to leave on deployment and the fact that I had a deadline looming on a 350-page reading assignment and related research project and the fact that I was in the midst of starting up a Daisy troop, I watched an absurd number of knitting tutorials on youtube and I learned how to knit!!!

I started with this:

And made my daughter this:

I’m now on to my second project, a rib knit grey scarf based on a pattern in this book:

Admittedly, I am nowhere near skilled enough to tackle any of the projects in the Mochi book yet but I am happy enough to have something to do besides read on the 16-hour plane flight I’ll be taking this summer.

Has bookstore browsing ever led you to take up a new hobby?  Are there any other crazy crafters out there who seize upon an inspiration and run with it, prior experience be damned?  I know of at least one—my BFF came across this book (how cute is that cat?!) and promptly taught herself to crochet:

Coming up soon—my daughter’s “costume” for a nerd-themed birthday party.



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3 responses to “How Bookstore Browsing Led Me to Knitting

  1. Velika

    Haha! I did the same exact thing! A book made me want to learn to knit so I went online to teach myself how. No wonder we’re friends. 🙂 YouTube was definitely a great resource.

    • LOL! Love it, V! I’d never tried to learn anything from YouTube before–there are a lot of good videos. And a lot of not good ones, but we won’t go there. I just finished scarf #2. It’s fun, but also requires a lot of patience/diligence. Thanks for stopping by–we still need to get together one of these days!

      • Velika

        It does require a lot of patience! In the beginning I basically had to start over every time I made a mistake because I’m really terrible at being able to correct a mistake & keep going. 🙂
        Yes, I want to see you! Would some weekend in Feb work or are you really busy this month?