My Daughter’s Take on “Dress in Your Nerdy Best”

My daughter received an invitation that read, You’re invited to J’s Nerdy 7th Birthday Party!  Come dressed in your nerdy best.  Be there and be square!

Confused, my daughter asked, “Dressed in your nerdy best?” What does that mean?  Do I dress up like one of those nerd candy things?

After we googled Pee-Wee Herman, Paul Pfeiffer (of the Wonder Years), Revenge of the Nerds, and generic nerd costumes for kids, my daughter was wholly unimpressed.  She told me, I don’t want to dress like that!  Once when we were in a store, I saw a Nerds t-shirt

More googling led us to this picture and my daughter’s declaration:  I want to wear that shirt!

[Image source:]

Well, this shirt is $16 and doesn’t come in my daughter’s size.  Luckily for her I had a few things on hand:

1) plain t-shirts in her size that I scooped up on clearance at the NEX

2) Avery Iron-on Inkjet transfer paper from a previous project

3) a Wacom Bamboo tablet

I cropped the photo of the pink nerd shirt and printed a copy to reference.  Then, I drew the purple nerd in Corel Painter Essentials 4, which was included in the free software bundle that came with the tablet.  I am sure there’s a newer, slicker version by now, but this worked fine for me.  After inserting my drawing into a Word doc, adding the heading, and flipping the images, I printed it out on the transfer paper and ironed it onto the plain white shirt.


My daughter loves how her shirt came out and the party was a blast.

Next time I’ll share the present we made for the birthday girl.




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3 responses to “My Daughter’s Take on “Dress in Your Nerdy Best”

  1. Hugo Lima

    That’s so cool!

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  3. Velika

    That is very awesome. You’re so crafty! 🙂