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Good-bye, Borders. *sniff*

I’m saddened to hear that Borders is shutting down for good.  (Read more about it here or here.)

So many fond memories:  in high school my friends and I spent many weekend hours at our local Borders discovering gems on the shelves and geeking out together in the café .  It was our favorite hangout.  My husband and I, when we were dating in college, sometimes changed up our study routine by staking out a table in the café rather than heading off to the library.  When my daughter was a toddler and preschooler, she and I may have spent more time reading on the floor of the kids’ section than we did in the library.

I suppose the closure is a good thing for indie bookshops who deserve all the love we can give them.  Over the weekend I looked into the Goodwill Bookloft in downtown San Diego and was pleasantly surprised at how well-organized it was and at the great selection.  Any place I can score three terrific books for $3 is a place I’ll return to.

When it comes to books, do you have a favorite store where you love to browse?  Or are you a dedicated online shopper?


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