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Does My Head Look Big in This?

By Randa Abdel-Fattah
Classification: YA fiction
Genre: Realistic fiction
Age Level: 12+
Subjects: High school, cultural identity, personal beliefs, family, religion, self-discovery

Reader’s Annotation:  Australian-Palestinian teenager Amal decides to wear the hijab, or Muslim head scarf, full-time, a formidable challenge at her private school in a Melbourne suburb.

Summary:  Sixteen-year-old Amal is intelligent, sarcastic, focused and loyal, and she needs to be all that and more when she decides to wear the hijab as a symbol of her commitment to her faith.  With the support of her truest friends, Amal copes with the narrow-mindedness of classmates, the stress of preparing for exams, and the complexity of her relationship with crush-worthy Adam.  Then Amal’s own convictions are tested when her best friend runs away from home and Amal must confront her own prejudices and ignorance.

Notes:  Amal’s wit, insight and self-awareness make her a role model for all time.  This novel offers an engaging glimpse into a world seemingly different from—yet surprisingly similar to—that of most middle-class families.
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