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Farewell, Fredericksburg!

After four years and countless memories in Fredericksburg, VA, I’m heading home to Southern California.  Of course I am very happy to be on the brink of new experiences and opportunities, but to do justice to the growth I’ve done to get to this point, it’s worth a pause to reflect on one of the things I’ve loved most about living in Fredericksburg:   the history. 

Fredericksburg is halfway between the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. and the state capital in Richmond, as well as 100 miles from the historic triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, VA, making “Fxbg” a popular tourist stop for visitors exploring American history.  The city itself boasts its own deep history as a busy colonial port adjacent to the boyhood home of George Washington.  In the winter of 1862, the Battle of Fredericksburg proved to be a pivotal point in the Civil War.  Click here to read more about all the town has to offer.

This book by local author Jill Walsh highlights some of my family’s favorite places in town.  Click on the cover image to link to the book’s website.  And let me give a shout out to Linda of Jabberwocky who went out of her way to get my daughter’s copy signed by the author (Thank you, Linda!).  Suited for ages 5 and up, this is a great way to commemorate a visit to the ‘burg.

My husband read Fredericksubrg! Fredericksburg! byGeorge C. Rable.  He says it is an excellent account of the battle of Fxbg.  (I do not myself read military histories, but he does–often–and I trust his assessment).

I read the recently published Fredericksburg:  A Guided Tour through History by Randi Minetor.  It is an accessible account of the 1862 battle, appropriate for readers who don’t need the breadth and depth of Rable’s work.  However, the book lacks a proper introduction and begins in 1862, as though the town had not been established more than 130 years earlier. 

My house was less than a mile from the Fredericksburg National Historic District and the battlefield on which Confederate and Union soldiers shed blood and lost lives in defense of their ideals.  So, I’m leaving the Mother State with a deeper appreciation for my country’s story.  After I’m settled in my new home (a short distance from the Plymouth Rock of the West Coast), I’ll share a booklist of American history and historical fiction. 

For now, farewell, Fredericksburg!  I hope to be back to visit someday!


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