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By Julie Anne Peters
Classification: Fiction
Genre: Issues fiction
Age Level: 15+
Subjects: Transgender identity, family, high school

Reader’s Annotation:  Luna has been living as Liam for her entire life, and she realizes that she must cast off that role now or risk losing herself entirely.

Summary:  Luna is a girl trapped in the body of a boy named Liam, but only Regan, Luna’s sister is in on the secret.  Regan offers her bedroom so that, under the cover of the night, Luna can take off the mask of Liam and allow her true identity to emerge.  This has gone on for years, but Luna senses the time is coming when she can no longer retreat into “total boy role.”  With Regan’s help, Luna begins to transition from living as a boy to living as a girl, starting with short shopping trips in malls across town.  But will the rest of the world, starting with their parents, be as supportive of Luna as Regan has been?

Notes:  Narrated from Regan’s point of view, this story is deeply moving with vivid characters and fresh insight.  This novel is a National Book Award Finalist
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