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Song of the Sparrow

By Lisa Ann Sandell
Classification:  YA Literature
Genre:  Fiction
Age Level:  12+
Subjects:  Arthurian legend, family, war

Summary:  Raised in an army camp and constantly surrounded by men, Elaine longs for a woman’s grace and manners to emulate.  At the same time she is proud of her ability to nurse and heal the wounded soldiers who defend their sovereign’s land.  As she grows into a woman, Elaine begins to idolize Lancelot, and fret over Arthur’s latest battle plan.  When the stunning Gwynivere arrives, Elaine is instantly jealous of the other woman’s beauty and Lancelot’s clear infatuation.  And Gwyn scorns Elaine’s wild ways.  But when the two find themselves in peril, pettiness must be pushed aside for the sake of their lives and the lives of Arthur’s entire company.

Notes:  Written in blank verse, Song of the Sparrow imbibes familiar stories with a fresh, feminine perspective, bringing new humanity to legendary figures and re-introducing us to characters we think we know so well. 
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