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By P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
: YA Fiction
Genre: Fantasy, vampires
Age Level: 14+
Subjects: High school, friendships, self-discovery, vampires

Reader’s Annotation:  Newly Marked vampire Zoey Redbird copes with friends and rivals in her new school, the House of Night.

Summary:  Zoey,16, is Marked by a vampire Tracker and leaves her home and high school to attend the House of Night, a boarding school for fledgling vampires undergoing the Change from human to adult vampire.  Once at the House of Night, Zoey finds both unfortunate similarities and startling differences between her new school and her old:  a Queen Bee named Aphrodite and her sycophants, hot guys like drama buff Erik, classes in fencing and vampire sociology.  With the help of new friends, Zoey discovers her powers—gifts from the vampire goddess Nyx—and struggles to follow her grandmother’s advice to balance her unique abilities with responsible behavior.

Notes:  Book one of a series.  This series is engaging even for those readers who are not deeply interested in vampires.  Content to be aware of—language, sexuality
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