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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Booklist:  St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books
All titles ages 3+

My mom, an Irish New Yorker, picked out these four St. Patrick’s Day books for my daughter this year.  Thanks, Mom!  We love them!

Jack and the Leprechaun
Written by Ivan Robertson
Illustrated by Katy Bratu

A family of field mice are preparing for St. Patrick’s Day in their village in the Irish countryside, and cousin Jack is coming all the way from America to join in the celebrations.  When the family sends Jack out to gather shamrocks for the festivities, Jack encounters a creature unlike any he’s ever seen.  But will his family believe him when he returns to tell his tale?
Little Lit Lover says:  I like the mice and the surprise that Liam the Leprechaun leaves for them.
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King Puck Inspired by an Irish festival
Written and Illustrated by Michael Garland

Seamus is a solitary farmer living on a mountain above the town of Killorglin with only his goat Finny for company.  One night a band of fairies casts a spell on Finny, giving Seamus the surprise of his life.  The fairies mischief comes just in time for the March 17th crowning of King Puck, a Killorglin tradition honoring the best goat.  A charming story with beautiful illustrations, and every book lover will love Seamus and Finny’s happy ending.
Little Lit Lover says:  I like finding the fairies hidden in the pictures.
4 Flags

St. Patrick’s Day
Written and Illustrated by Gail Gibbons

A non-fiction narrative that introduces the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day and St. Patrick himself to young readers.  Includes short summaries of legends connected to St. Patrick.
Little Lit Lover says:  I like how St. Patrick talks about Jesus with a shamrock.
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That’s What Leprechauns Do
Written by Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully

Ari, Boo and Col have serious leprechaun duties.  They have to place the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  But along the way the three little people can’t resist some silly antics, like tying up long-johns left out to dry and slipping a tennis ball into a hen’s nest.  Afterall, “that’s what leprechauns do!”
Little Lit Lover says:  These leprechauns are funny!  I like what they do to the cow.
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