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By Edward Myers
Classification:  YA Literature
Genre:  Fantasy
Age Level:  12+
Subjects:  Storytelling, personal identity, loyalty, self-discovery

Summary:  Jack grows up in the town of Yarrow with a gift for telling tales.  As he gets older, Jack decides to leave home to seek a living as a storyteller.  After a few tough scrapes, fate hands Jack a boon and he finds himself in the employ of King Alphonse.  For a while, all seems to be going Jack’s way, but when King Alphonse dies suddenly and his immature, self-centered son Yoss ascends to the throne, Jack finds himself working as a propaganda machine for the new king’s reign.  Though troubled, Jack lacks the conviction to act decisively against Yoss.  With his family toiling unfairly under Yoss’s rule, and his love Stelinda held captive by his enemies, can Jack master his art in time to enlist the help he needs?

Notes:  Stories within stories build upon one another to create a wonderful tale about the power of words.  A terrific read that celebrates a fading art.
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