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The Tevana Menu

I have carefully read the entire Tevana menu.  More than once.  Okay, many times.  I admit it.  And when the menu changed several months ago, I had to do another careful read (er, reads) to discover everything new.  If there isn’t a Tevana shop near you where you can pick up your own copy of the menu to pore over, you can spend some time at the Virtual Tea Wall.

My love of tea is not the only reason I enjoy reading Tevana’s menu.  The descriptions make for great reading.  For example, Kamiya Papaya Oolong is described in part as a “bright tasting” tea “inspired by the sunshine and easy-going breezes of Hawaii.”   I’ve never heard a flavor described as “bright” before!   

Or there’s Utopian Jewel Oolong, a tea “cornucopia” with “red raspberries and strawberries radiat[ing] like jewels among the emerald green oolong leaves.”  Fruits and leaves as gemstones?  Love it!

The Tevana menu also mentions Tevana’s commitment to giving back to the world community through a partnership with CARE International.  Incidentally, CARE is mentioned in one of the books I am reading, Half the Sky.  It is an important organization working to improve the lives of women around the globe.  And yet another book I am reading, Shopping with a Conscience, discusses fair trade tea and organic tea.  Some of Tevana’s teas are organic, but I don’t know if they are fairly traded even given the partnership with CARE. 

I am a tea drinker (in case you hadn’t guessed), and tea frequently complements my reading.  Here are my recommendations from Tevana.

My go-to teas:

Chai: Maté Chai.  This one makes a great chai latte (and wallet-friendly alternative to Starbucks, though this tea does not taste like Tazo’s chai).  As it’s energizing, I drink this in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon when I’d like a nap but can’t indulge.  Also a good tea to sip while reading the news or completing reading assignments.

Green:  Jasmine Tropica.  Hot, this tea goes well with Asian takeout but is also lovely and relaxing on its own.  I prefer it iced, and I always have a pitcher in my fridge.  Better than water, though not as cheap.  Very refreshing when reading at the beach or on the patio.

Others I enjoy, especially when curled up in a comfy spot with a good read:

Herbal: Azteca Fire.   A sugar-free alternative to hot chocolate, but it might not be for everyone.  I like it because I love spicy dark chocolate (with chili and cinnamon). 

White: Pear Luna.  A great nighttime tea that contains chamomile, but tastes fruity.  A good choice if you like the soothing effects of chamomile but not the taste. 

My tea kettle is whistling, so I’m off to steep a cup of chai.  Tomorrow, the young cat lover’s booklist I promised earlier this week.  In the meantime, you might like reading a friend’s post on tea.



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