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Teenagers needed—Please help!

I am currently taking a class on the history of young adult literature and I have an assignment to ask tweens and/or teens about their reading habits/preferences.  However, it is summer and I spend most all my time with the early elementary school crowd, so I do not have any teens readily available to interview.

Below is a link to a brief survey that I created.  It should not take longer than 10 minutes.  I would be so, so grateful to anyone aged 10-19 who would be willing to participate.  Adults, maybe you could coerce a teenager (or several) over whom you have undue influence to fill it out?  I will be summarizing the responses to be discussed among the students in my class only.  No identifying information from survey participants will be shared.  The deadline for participation is  Saturday, July 2 as my report is due the following day.  (No, I did not procrastinate spectacularly as per my usual style; the prof just dropped this assignment yesterday!)

Feel free to forward the link to anyone who would be willing to participate.  Thank you so much!



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