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Celebrate Seuss!

I’ve complied a number of “Seuss-gestions” for celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America.  Click on the Lorax for my favorite of all the activities.

Learn:  Who was the man behind the books?  There are innumerable bios of Theodor Geisel, but for brevity and quality, this site is great and also contains information about the sculpture garden which serves as a national memorial to Seuss in the town of his birth.

Discover:  Geisel,  the artist.  Though Dr. Seuss is generally thought of as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, Geisel’s art offers something for all ages.  For those interested in art beyond the books, explore this site.  History buffs will enjoy this splendid catalog of political cartoons.

Play:   For kids, this official site has fun Seuss games featuring favorite characters.  Not all games require reading.  Parents and professional educators can find activity ideas here.

Plan:  As an alternative to Disney, wouldn’t it be fun to plan a family trip to Seuss Landing in Orlando?  (where the Harry Potter theme park will soon be open…but don’t let me get distracted.)

Read (of course!): Make time this week to read your favorite Dr. Seuss book  (and share your selection here).


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