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Reading Diaries

“I never travel without my diary.  One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” ~ Oscar Wilde

As I pondered how to being this blog, I felt motivated to read the first entry from each of my diaries. (I’ve written in a journal since I first learned how to write.  Thus far I’ve filled 26, and kept track of all but one.)  Memories refreshed themselves and I found myself alternately smiling and cringing.  When I’d finished reading, my thought was, how would I feel if someone else were to peruse these pages?

My journal writing was how I learned to speak my mind and be comfortable with honesty and vulnerability.  In its early volumes, my journal was the one place in which I revealed all the secrets I carefully guarded from my parents and friends.  Secrets like angry or selfish thoughts, crushes, jealousies, silly personal triumphs, fears, and goals.  As a teenager I would have been mortified if someone had read my diary.  Nowadays, my journal is a place for thinking aloud privately (occasionally I do think aloud publicly, usually with humorous or embarrassing results).  I would not be mortified if someone were to pick up my current volume, but I would be uneasy and I can’t pinpoint why.  Perhaps because I’ve never been inclined to read a diary that was not my own?

What about you?  Would you read someone else’s diary–with or without permission?  Would you let someone to read yours?



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