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Life of Pi

By Yann Martel
:  Fiction
Genre: Adventure, survival
Age Level: 14+
Subjects: Shipwreck, animal and human nature, religion, spirituality

Reader’s Annotation:  Pi Patel is stranded on the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

Summary:  Pi Patel has grown up in a zoo—literally.  His father is the founding director and owner of the Pondicherry Zoo and his family lives on the premises.  A solitary boy by nature, Pi’s inner life is as rich and colorful as his upbringing in 1960s India.  As a young teenager, Pi encounters Christianity and Islam, and becomes dedicated to both in addition to loving his Hindu background.  Baffled and frustrated by Pi’s devotions, his family attempts to dissuade him from his bizarre religious practices until the political and economic climate of their country prompts them to move to Canada…with the inhabitants of their zoo.  When the family is shipwrecked, young Pi is stranded in a row boat with Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger, and Pi suddenly needs an act of God—whether He be Christian, Muslim or Hindu—if he hopes to survive.

Notes:  There is only one word for this novel:  profound.
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